About us 

Our mission is to help fanciers keeping their pigeons in good health minimizing the use of antibiotics, making their every day work easier and more ethichal, helping them to achieve the best possible results.

Together with Silo International, the manufacturer, we chose not to develop a wide range of products but to focus on only one, WONDER PIGEON, distributed by our company worldwide with astonishing feedbacks. 
Our focus are pigeons and all the people who love them.

Our office

Wonder srl is a company located in Modena, Italy.


I use WP the whole year, 4 days a week. 2 ml/liter Youngsters, breeders, racers, stock birds (all the pigeons that I have). In the race season the last 2 days before basketing 5 ml/liter. When I see Adeno/colie by the youngsters I give 5 ml/liter. I am 100% sure that WP is very good for general health and codition of the pigeons. It also give more energy during the race. The feathers are very soft. I can bred 6 rounds of youngsters from my breeders every year without no problems.


WP gave me my first year ever without young birds disease (and I had 300 youngsters), in the past I checked my pigeons every evening in the dark to see if they didn’t throw up, these days are gone… WP simplified my life as a pigeon coach dramatically, I can focus on top condition and no worries about “Health’’. I give WP daily, 2-3 ml, if needed up to 5, I still believe it is the best product ever made!