the new approach to pigeon health

Wonder Pigeon is a dietary supplement expecially produced for racing pigeons.

It has been developed as a patented mixture of 5 monoglycerides and diglycerides of butyric acid, caprylic acid, capric acid, propionic acid and lauric acid. In the last 3 years we achieved so many data and enthusiastic feedbacks from all kind of fanciers that we can finally promote it for what it really is: a unique product. Wonder Pigeon is a complementary feed unique in pigeon world with 2 main properties scientifically demonstrated: a natural antibacterial activity and an incredible effect on the intestine of the birds, responsible to increase the absorption of mineral, elements, proteins, nutrients of no less than 20%. A complementary feed with astonishing results in coupling, laying, hatching, breeding and racing performances and this without any contra-indications. A combination of fatty acids with a natural antibacterial activity and super recovery properties. Wonder Pigeon is made of monoglycerids, links between 2 molecules: an acid, with natural antibacterial activity (but only in acid environment), linked with a molecule of fat, with extra feeding power. This link allow the acids to be effective vs some bacterias in whatever environment while the fat-glycerol is easily absorbed by the instestine, giving both extra energy and a great recovery power to the pigeon. This it how it works, no secrets but science. Only a small amount of product on the food or in the water is needed, in other words the less expensive product on the market.

Our Brands

Wonder Turbo is our masterpiece, the result of two years of studies followed by two years of field tests. It is an innovative mix developed specifically for racing pigeons of mono and diglycerides of short and medium chain fatty acids that overturns the percentages usually used in a single formula and maximizes the synergy between the components, enhancing their properties and beneficial effects on health and metabolism in periods of competition, stress, metabolic disorders. Wonder srl has been the first company to launch unique products in pigeon market that exploited this new natural antibiotic-free approach. With Wonder Turbo we have found the optimal mix that takes advantage of the combined effect of each component.

Wonder Pigeon improves: the digestion, the appetite of the pigeons, both in molting, breeding and competitions season; the improvements are shown from the first day. It can be applied continuously from the first day after weaning, pausing it only if they are receiving medication. The application of Wonder Pigeon is immediately noticeable in the appetite, in the feather’s quality and in droppings that reflects health, both in adults and in youngsters. Decisive in the breeders for the strength of the young birds and crucial in the recovery of the pigeons after illness or treating periods, Wonder Pigeon is a product like no one to give extra energy for big efforts and related faster recovery. Wonder Pigeon is a must in many loft.

Compared to the basic formula, Wonder Pigeon GP has not only an increased and wider range of antibacterial effects, but it helps pigeons to assimilate the proper level of nutrition facts in order to build super muscles for the racing period. For this specific reason we recommend to use it at 1,5ml/liter or 2,5ml/kg food MAXIMUM to have a perfect antibacterial effect. If you use it from 2ml to 4 ml/liter or 3ml to 5ml/kg food you will see your pigeon easily increase their muscle masses. No side effect, no contraindications at all. Given the high concentration of moniglycerids, such product is recommended for sophisticated fanciers devoted to the performances and conditions of their pigeons.


WONDER PROTECT is a 100% natural state-of-the-art powder that combines the beneficial properties of polyphenols from lignocellulose and resins produced by different species of pine and conifers.

1) ANTIOXIDANT and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY in racing period, breeding and young birds;
3) HELP ON METABOLISM in controlling intestinal diseases
4) HELP ON METABOLISM in controlling diseases of breathing system.